Writer at Work

I have a new morning routine where I get up by 6 a.m., savor a shot of cold brew coffee, and then sit at my desk to write a news digest by 7:30 a.m. Rest of my day I continue to write as the cat vacillates between sleeping and whining to be let out into the backyard.

I fucking love it.

I’m finally a working writer. Though it isn’t much – I’m still treacherously poor, wardrobe shopping at Marshalls, and forever grateful for my roommate’s home cooking – someone out there is paying me to write and that’s awesome. Onwards and upwards!

If you want, check out my some of my posts HERE.

In my spare time I’m writing reviews and interviews for Bleeding Cool, but as much as I can I’m focusing on my own projects. I just finished a new five-page comic book with a great artist living in Russia – Diana Naneva. Here’s one of the pages from that story, titled “The Engagement.”



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