We are Hurt, We are Resilient

This week’s post was supposed to be the second chapter in my series on creating a comic book sans a publisher. But then last Saturday night a man walked into an Orlando gay club and killed 49 people with an assault rifle, and injured many more.

The worst massacre in American history they are saying. Following the too familiar script, they are saying this attack is an issue of gun control, terrorism, and mental illness.

But make no mistake, this was a hate crime, first and foremost. Homophobic hate, possibly self-loathing as well, fueled by religious doctrines that speaks to the annihilation of gays.

Unless you have ever feared retaliation for holding hands in public, ever worried that you be would be fired for marrying your partner, or ever worried that you could be killed for kissing someone of the same gender… do not tell us otherwise.

He came into our safe haven, our sanctuary, one of the few places we can come together without threat or judgement, and he hunted us down.

This was an attack on gays, on LGBTQ, on people who are different and hated for it.

Make sure that is not forgotten in the ongoing narrative in the weeks and years going forward.

We are hurt. We are angry. And we are resilient. We are many. We will fight back with love and with action. Generations before me fought for decades so that they and I can marry those whom we love. And now we will fight for our safety, fight for our protection, fight for our equal place in society, and we will do every American a favor and fight the NRA until they are nothing but a shell, and real gun control is a reality.



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