I need a title for my anthology…

It’s already been a month since my last post… I’ve been meaning to update of course, but wanted to wait until I survived through May. Disney ABC, Warner Brothers, and NBC Universal all have television writing programs of varying design, with the applications all due on the last day of May or very first day of June. So I was busy every night after work and gym, writing my spec and pilot scripts for those – over 120 pages in total. Having Memorial Weekend just before the deadline didn’t help much. I had to negotiate with my better half just how much time I could devote to fun.

But I survived! Every year I learn a lot through the process, my scripts improve, and this year I gained a writing mentor who has been invaluable, and wonderfully available with his own precious free time. And I’m already thinking about the next pilot script…

But first, San Diego Comic Con is only six weeks away!

In preparation, aside from researching every editor, writer, and producer on this green (ish) rock hurtling through the void, I’m preparing a comic book of four short comic book stories, by four different artists from around the world. It’s really exciting, and it occurred to me that I could chronicle my experiences and the process of putting together and publishing a comic book.

So stay tuned! I’ll be backtracking a bit to retroactively explain the process thus far, covering finding and communicating with artists, discussing and collaborating on the story and art, pages, notes and editing, format, lettering, and working with both a printer and Comixology.

Also I hope to launch a Kickstarter next week to help fund the printing. So don’t miss that.

Now… I just need a title for this anthology series, as I plan to do more books if all goes well. So far all I have is “Dane Styler Presents” so send me your suggestions!


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