Hello everyone, and welcome to!

Hopefully this iteration will fare far better than the last… Honestly, I’m not one for talking about myself, at least not on the inter webs for anyone and all, complete strangers included, to see. But maybe starting a blog is like a buying a new couch. You need to let the cushions contour to your body as you settle in, gradually get comfortable, until you finally come home from a long day and all you can think about it sinking into that couch and taking  a relaxing snooze.

So here’s to new endeavors!

But also, the impetus to start now was indeed for a very specific purpose – I needed to be self-published. DC Comic’s Talent Development Program announced their Writer’s Workshop for this year, with the caveat being you have to be published by the application deadline end of this month. Sure, no problem, I had an 8-page comic book that I recently finished with my friend, Erwin. I created an account with Comixology, filled in all the data, loaded the PDF, clicked submit, and sat back and waited for their approval and praises of our masterpiece.

A week goes by… I finally decide to look up how long it takes for them to review. Answer: 4 months!

30 minutes later I have a WordPress-powered, bare bones website up and running, with my comic book as the first post. “Published.”

Now cross your fingers and hold onto your hats, because with my submission uploaded there’s nothing left to do… except get cozy in my couch and wait 4 months for a decision. Ha!

No, but seriously: Do you have ANY idea how badly I want to get into this program??


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