Dane Styler

Dane Styler is the screenwriter of the award-winning film IN THE LIFE OF MUSIC, an animation writer for MAN OF ACTION ENTERTAINMENT (the creators of the megahit cartoon Ben 10 and the Big Hero 6 characters, as well as the developers of Mega Man: Fully Charged and previously the executive producers and writers of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man), and the author and publisher of the anthology comic book, DISTANT SHORES. He is also a media psychologist with an MA in Mythology and Cultural Psychology.

He’s also subtle like a sledgehammer.

Dane lives in San Diego with his brilliant and extraordinarily witty partner and their attention-whore of a cat.

Follow him on Twitter (Dane, not the cat… but definitely follow the cat’s Instagram).

Contact Dane or his representative.

This page updated 22 April, 2019.

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